Are sex dolls better than women?
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Are sex dolls better than women?

“Sincerely, she is all I need in my life. She gives me just everything in bed the way I want it. My sex doll, Mossy is my very best!”. “I am tired of constantly fighting in my relationships. Women are just complicated for me.” These are a sample of common statements you would hear from the sex doll owner.

Like many describe it, sex marks a better part of any marital or boy-girl relationship. For many decades, it has been the cause of so many goods and equally misfortunes to lots of romance relationships such as marriages. Divorce cases have been all over circulating in our society most of which cropping out of lack of sexual satisfaction from our partners.

Relationship experts and counselors have come in to try mend and bridge the gapsbut still,their efforts go in vain. Innovative scientists in their research, therefore, came up with most realistic sex dolls bearing such resembling features as that of human beings and offer similar sexual arousal as them.

As much as there are both men and women sex dolls, the women types seem to have a higher demand than their counterparts.Hence, lots of producing companies producedwell so much on them. This fact receives confirmation from the article by Lauren Hill-Roger on 8th January 2019 on The Sun magazine.

So, why would men, especially today prefer these dolls over their human wives or simply women in general? Many would have varied reasons to support this statement. However, here are a sample of the main ones.

  • Flexibility

Hit her, bend her, strangle her neck, and do whatever you want with her, the sex doll will never complain. All these are what most men would wish from their dear women but do they get it? Maybe yes maybe no.Most men would like total submission in bed and unlimited availability to sex. No timing, no restrictions nor conditionality.

  • Safety assurance from Sexually transmitted infections

Unprotected sexual intercourse lays a highly permissible platform for easy transmission of STIs. However, with a personally owned sex doll, this may not apply. They are pure virgins from the showroom until you touch them.

  • No pregnancy

There exist men not interested in children maybe at some point. Some it’s after meeting the right number with their deceased wife but would still wish to have a sex partner. Others it might be that they aren’t yet ready for responsibilities and commitments towards taking care of their women and children.

Are sex dolls better than women?

  • No extra expenses

Once you pay her price tag, she needs no more than maybe cloths which again can be your choice to provide or not. Real women will demand time out, upkeep money, shopping and many other things which a man may not be ready to provide them.

As said earlier, the reasons are plenty. It