Selling Used Panties with Freshness of the User Can Be More Profitable
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Selling Used Panties with Freshness of the User Can Be More Profitable

There are days in the month when you may feel that you have a lot of money in your bank account but there are days when your bank account shows a low balance. Then you may want to try out different things so that your account balance gets a few more dollars. The work of handling catalogues or working with some shops can be hard work after your regular schedule of the day. You may want to think of something that would not ask for any physical work! Selling used panties can be the right option for you to earn a reasonable amount for your account. You will find some sites that encourage you to upload pictures of your used panties to bring in customers who would buy them.

Features of the sites

You will find there are some interesting features from these sites that can get you customers easily. You will find these sites safe and you can keep your name and other details anonymous. This site allows you to use it as your own online shop and you can also set your own prices. There are options for sending and receiving messages in the site from your customers and you can also chat with them to let them know more about the idea to sell used panties. There are ranking list of the users from the site as per the sales made by the users and this can give you a sense of competition to do better in terms of selling the used panties.

Selling Used Panties with Freshness of the User Can Be More Profitable

Posting pictures and packing the panties

Make sure that you take some good pictures of the used panties that you are trying to sell. If you have a bunch of them and would want to sell them individually, get the pictures of each one from close to post them in the site. If you are planning to sell them in a bunch, get them into the box or zip locked bags and then take the picture so that the customer understands that they are really getting a set of 3 that are used and packed with the freshness of the user.

You must make sure these are the worn panties that you are putting up for sell. The best ones that are chosen by the buyers are those that are worn and then put up for sell without cleaning them first. So when you are trying to sell used panties, you must take the worn panties and sell them online.